Welcome To My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog, I am so glad that you have found me!

I intend to use this blog as a place to share some of my processes and inspirations, to give you a little bit of context for my work as a fibreista and some more in depth information about some of my products.

I’ll start with the name, what is a fibreista and why do I consider myself to be one? As I have stated elsewhere, a fibreista is a person devoted to unique and funky fibre arts and crafts. I am a devotee of all things fibrey, I love spinning, felting and dyeing and I look on weaving as an adventure in waiting. I live in sheep farming country, pretty much every view has sheep in it somewhere so wool is not difficult for me to come by.

The Blue Faced Leicester sheep, whose fleeces I dye and use to give texture to my needle felting, live in the fields just across the lane from my Spinnery.

The Romney fibre that I dye and spin comes from a dear friend’s very pampered and much loved tiny flock about 10 minutes drive away, so I feel really connected to some of the raw materials that I work with.

Natural fibres, wool in particular, have so much to offer and are incredibly versatile so there is always room for innovation and new ideas which makes being a fibreista refreshing and exciting.

Through my work with fibre I have realised that I love colour. Working with colour makes me happy, finding colour combinations that zing gives me a real lift and I like to think that when someone buys some of my work, they are taking a bit of that zing home and into their own lives.

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